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Galaxy Portal Rainbow Maker 5”

Galaxy Portal Rainbow Maker 5”

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Galaxy Portal - Rainbow Maker

5" tall Rainbow Maker / Sun Catcher 
Cracked holo design creates beautiful rainbow streaks in your home! 
Comes backed on a Lil Boat Boutique card

Stick this in a sunny window (South facing windows produce the best! But feel free to test what works best in your place!) and enjoy the beautiful rainbows it creates! Our decals are designed to turn the sun’s rays into beams of rainbow colors that will bathe your ceilings, walls, and floors in alluring natural light.

While technically re-useable/re-placeable, I don't recommend doing it unless you are VERY careful, or understand that it may cause damage to the printed design on the decal.
Check below for installation tips, which also help with moving your decal. No sunny windows? You can still place these on places like, your computer, picture frames, glass jars, etc.

**NOT dishwasher safe or weather proof like a vinyl sticker would be. Ideally these will be encountering very little action and only used indoors.**

-To test the window that you are considering, carefully peel back *part* of the backing and hold the decal up to see if the sun coming in creates some rainbows in your room! You may need to try this in multiple locations or at different times of day to find the best spot! Which is why I recommend these tests before placing it fully.
-South facing windows give the best results. East facing windows will produce in the AM, West facing in the afternoon/evening.
Application Steps:
1. Clean the glass/windows/clear upright surface you want to place your suncatcher on to ensure it is oil and dust-free.
2. Peel the decal backing away. Ideally, spray the window and decal with water, as this will help you get the decal in place easily. Place adhesive side on the surface and adjust.
3. Once you’re happy with the decal’s location, Use a finger to hold the decal in place, and light push out any excess water and readjust placement. Then use a squeegee (or thick card) to squeeze out any air bubbles, but be mindful to not scrape too hard. The design is delicate. Wipe down any excess water. Any remaining water and/or milkiness between the decal and glass should go away within three days.
**You *can* install the decal without applying water, but it can be a bit trickier as the decal will be harder to adjust when placing, and fingerprints are more likely to stick to the backside of the decal**
4. To remove decal, gently and slowly peel it off starting from one corner. I definitely recommend spraying with water beforehand. It'll help keep the decal from ripping or cracking. You can then move the decal to a new location, or stick to a backing, etc for later usage. Or toss if that's what you want!
-Use rubbing alcohol or windex to remove any residue.

No refunds, returns or exchanges for damage caused during application or use.

Illustration and design by Whitney Bennett // Lil Boat Boutique, 2016-2023 ©
Do not share, reproduce or use these images or artwork without permission. Thank you!

**Please verify your name, address and contact information is correct during check-out. I will not replace packages because incorrect shipping information lead to lost, mis-delivered, returned or stolen packages. For full details, please read my policy regarding incorrect shipping information. You can find this, and other information, in the "policies" section of my shop.

All designs are copyrighted and cannot be copied, altered, or resold. All purchases are for personal use only unless given specific permission.

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