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Garage Sale - Mystery Sticker Packs! 10+ Stickers Each

Garage Sale - Mystery Sticker Packs! 10+ Stickers Each

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I have 10 mystery / miscellaneous sticker bundles available! These are filled with at least 10 stickers each - of varying origin. Please note these will not come with any Lil Boat Boutique stickers included, at least not as a guarantee, but you may still end up with one. 

Stickers included will be: promotional stickers from other small businesses (only if they're decent enough, nothing crappy lol) but they'll be balanced out with actual decorative / product vinyl stickers. For stickers that dont have the shop printed on them, and that I could remember who they came from, I've written down the shop name so that you can check them out! Even if you only like 2-3 stickers of the 10+, it's worth the price! and you'll be helping me clear stuff out / makes some extra money to put toward new product! And if you don't like any of them, pass them on to someone that will, or stick them around town! 

Choose the number of the envelope you'd like. 1-10. Then it's in your hands and I wont have a say in which one goes to you. Feel free to purchase as many as you'd like. 

Some brands included:
Barely Scary
Failed Imagineer
tattoo artists
local artists
and so many more I cant think of!! 

I promise they're worth it :) 

let me know if you have any questions. 

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