Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Wholesale pricing?

I do offer Wholesale options, please reach out to me for further details! or view my wholesale page.


Can you make custom enamel pins for me?

I do offer services for creating custom enamel pins! And I'd love to help you! There is a minimum order quantity of 100 pins. However, pricing is more economical as the quantity goes up. Pricing and turn-around time varies depending on different design and timing factors. Please reach out to me for further information! I would love to create custom pins for your wedding, party, anniversary, business- or anything else you can think of!


My pin got lost in the mail - will you replace it?

Once the USPS takes in your package, I am no longer responsible for it. If the item says it is delivered and you cannot find it at your home, please contact the local branch of USPS (the one that handles your route). Provide them with the tracking number. Let them know the situation and hopefully they can find it. I also recommend checking in with neighbors or other people that live at that address to see if they got it by mistake. If the item ends up being returned to me, you may pay another shipping fee to have it sent to a new/correct address. This is applicable only if I receive the item in the mail. If you would rather have a refund at this point, you may, minus the original shipping costs. 

Please visit my Shipping Information page for more.


Do you have an email list?

I do! You can join by scrolling to the bottom of any page of my site!

I ordered upgraded pin backers, but my pin came with rubber ones.

When you upgrade your pin backers, you will still receive the standard set of black/whatever color rubber backings. For a couple reasons: I don't need them, I consider the rubber ones to be included in the standard price of the pin, and they also help protect the pin posts while mailing! 

Most of the time, the upgraded pinbacks will be packed in their own small clear bag, separate from the pin, so please make sure to check the inside of your mailer very well before recycling it! Especially if you did pay to upgrade. I reuse tiny bags that my pins are sent in to me from my manufacturer as a way to reduce waste. Please recycle or reuse these bags yourself!