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Friendship Bracelet - XO

Friendship Bracelet - XO

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Friendship Bracelet: XO 

Multiple pre-made options - see photos.
xo-1 is the smallest. xo-5 is the largest. the others fall somewhere in between, but not necessarily in size order. 

Choose from pre-made bracelets (photos linked to each listed) 
-If you would like a custom word bracelet, please head to the dedicated custom listing.  Thanks!
-If you want a specific bracelet shown in this photo but your concern is sizing, feel free to check-out and leave a note letting me know what sort of sizing needs you have! 

General bracelet info:
-Threaded on a durable, elastic cord. Secure multi-knot to reduce risk of coming undone. I also do a mini stress-test to make sure it will not come untied from normal use. Please be mindful: it is an elastic beaded bracelet and still has potential to break at some point down the line, so please be careful with it! 
-See image for sizing details. Have specific sizing requests or needs? Please feel free to reach out! 

No returns or exchanges - but if you have a major issue, please feel free to reach out and we'll see what we can do! 

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