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State Flower Survey: Cast your vote!

Interested in voting for your favorite state? Head here:



I will be making ALL of the states (and Puerto Rico) regardless, but this survey helps me decide what order to release them! You can also opt-in for my mailing list and enter to win a giveaway by taking the survey! 



  • I would love to purchase a Maine state pin please!

  • it would be awesome if you could do iowa! i know this isn’t very requested, but i would like to buy one for my state 💗

  • Kentucky! (goldenrod)

  • I would love if you did Georgia next and did a combination of our state flower, Cherokee Rose, and state wildflower, Azalea. In northern Georgia the Cherokee Rose is very common, but in southern Georgia the Azalea is everywhere. So like in the place where Atlanta would be, and then where Savannah would be?

    kaitlin elizabeth black

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