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SECONDS SALE! (Donation Information)

Tonight started a 3-4 day Seconds Sale in my shop! I am no longer doing monthly Seconds Sales (the group I was a part of has taken a pause) so I am looking at doing them closer to 3-4 times a year. Don't miss out! 

This sale will benefit Breonna Taylor's Go Fund Me campaign. If you would like to read more about this GFM or would like to donate to it in her honor directly, please head here.

The portion of proceeds not donated will go toward my dog Penny's upcoming biopsies that she needs. She is looking at 2-3 test sites, and potentially surgery to remove them once the tests come back. 

We appreciate your support so much, whether it is purchasing or just sharing this sale with your friends or on your social media accounts!

I plan to run some more fundraising sales, and a raffle, coming up, so stay tuned! 


Click here for some other ways to honor and demand #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor


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