Pin Pals Podcast w/ Lil Boat Boutique

Pin Pals Podcast w/ Lil Boat Boutique

Hey all! 

In case you missed it, I recorded an episode of the Pin Pals Podcast hosted by Warrior Pins! We talk about pins, and how I started my business. I'm awkward and probably embarrass myself, but I had so much fun! You can find the podcast wherever you normally listen to podcasts! But I've linked to it on Spotify and Apple below!! 

Spotify Podcasts

Apple Podcasts

Listen somewhere else? Just search "Pin Pals Podcast" wherever you listen!! Actually, you can also find more direct links HERE.

Make sure to follow Erick (host of the podcast) on his pin brand and the podcasts' instagrams!

Warrior Pins and Pin Pals Podcast 

Podcast episode description: 

"I had the pleasure of chatting with Whitney Bennett aka Lil Boat Boutique and let me just tell you, this might be my favorite episode. This might only be episode 4 of what I’d hope is a long and successful podcast, but when I went back to edit this episode, I was just taken back at how awesome Whitney is. Her perspective within the pingame is something to admire. First of all, she’s going to drop a ton of exclusives throughout the podcast. So listen closely. We talk about trending pop culture topics like Save the USPS movement all the way to Lil Yachty, she describes her work life before going full time with Lil Boat Boutique, she talks about how she started her state flower series and gives us an incredibly hot take on butterfly pin backings. Buckle in because it’s going to be our longest podcast yet. And a quick reminder, stick around to the end because something big is going down with Warrior Pins on Friday! Wink Wink."


Let me know what you think if you listen!! xo

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