About Lil Boat Boutique

Lil Boat Boutique is a one-lady show based in the Midwest. Whitney (me!) started Lil Boat Boutique in 2016. As a lover and collector of enamel pins, she noticed she couldn't find pins for specific interests she had - so, taking things into her own hands, she began designing and making pins herself! A life-long crafter, Whitney has always been drawn to creative ventures and hobbies, and it finally made sense to take it full-time.

Lil Boat Boutique focuses mainly on enamel pins, patches, prints and stickers. Whitney is currently working through a series of State Flower designs that so far features: California, Florida, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New York, Oregon and Texas. Plans for all fifty U.S. states (plus D.C and Puerto Rico) are in place, and will hopefully come to life soon! 

Whitney is currently learning to screen print and does all of her printing locally at Cat Head Press. 

Lil Boat Boutique is a personal project for Whitney, as many of the designs are inspired by her interests. Music, movies, TV, connections to friends, and even the State Flower Series started with three of the four states that she has lived in!

Lil Boat Boutique is a fun, quirky brand that looks to bring you relatable pins, paper goods and more! Flair for your heart and home. 



xo, Whitney