Things Are What You Make Of Them

Things Are What You Make Of Them

- Adam J. Kurtz from Things Are What We Make Of Them
    Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed comparing myself to other "creatives" especially in the pin / weaving / stationery / wedding invitation / whatever-the-heck worlds I'm in, and get really down on myself. I think that's pretty common amongst most people, especially small business owners. But hey, note to self! There is no set standard for creativity, and on top of that, there's so much space for everyone to live in the same world! Everyone should be bringing their own ideas and creativity to the table. No matter what that translates to. It shouldn't be a mind-blowing concept, but sometimes it's really hard to get out of your own head and insecurities. 

This excerpt is a great reminder from my all-time fave @adamjk. I am super excited for his new book @thingsarewhatyoumakeofthem to com- I already pre-ordered mine on amazon and you can too for only $8.56 right now!? That's insane. AND $1 of that money goes to the Tegan and Sara Foundation to support economic justice and representation for LGBTQ girls and women. (Pro-tip order through and donate even more!)


"Tegan and Sara truly exemplify this ideal, using their art, music, and platform to be outspoken feminist advocates for LGBTQ equality and gender justice since the very beginning of their 20-year career. 

The Tegan and Sara Foundation works for economic justice, health, and representation for LGBTQ girls and women. Founded on a commitment to feminism and racial, social and gender justice, they work in partnership and solidarity with other organizations fighting for LGBTQ and women's rights, raising funds and awareness."
SO, not only are you buying yourself (or all of your friends) a super unique and amazing book, but you are also helping donate to such an important cause! If you dont believe my praise, check out what freakin' Alanis Morissette had to say! 
"All of Adam J. Kurtz's words are filled with wit, warmth, wonder and wisdom." Alanis Morissette
and friggin' Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge: 
"Adam speaks with a relatable blend of self-deprecating humor and confidence, always reminding us that with a laugh and some help from friends, we can get through just about anything." Grace Bonney, founder of Design*Sponge and author of In The Company Of Women

TLDR: Adam J. Kurtz is the best. He has a book coming out in October. You can pre-order now for less than $10 and some of that gets donated to the Tegan and Sara Foundation! ->

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