March Meet The Maker: Week One

March Meet The Maker: Week One

1. You

Hey y’all. It me, Whitney, the lil lady behind Lil Boat Boutique. I’ve been struggling to write this post all day because I just wasn’t sure what to say about myself. I did a brief intro a couple weeks ago if you wanna scroll back and find my face. Basically anxiety and depression are very real things I deal with and sometimes they just kinda shut my brain down when I’m in deep or not feeling great. I appreciate all of you who follow and support me so much and I couldn’t continue doing this without you. I’ve met some of the most amazing people through this lil company and I’m so happy to learn more about those of you participating in #marchmeetthemakerhosted by @joannehawker


2. Where


I'm currently based out of Indianapolis, Indiana - but I have multiple places I call "home." I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah - but grew up in Southern California, just outside of San Diego. In 2006, I moved to Chicago for school. I ended up dropping out after 2 years -but loved Chicago so much that I stayed. I ended up being in Chicago for a little over 10 years. My boyfriend and I decided to move to California - we stayed in San Diego for a year, but decided we missed the midwest too much. We ended up in Indianapolis to be close to his family while we saved up some money after our double move across the country, and here we still are (for now!) Pictured above is the artwork for my Indiana State flower piece - coming soon as a pin! 


3. How You Started


4. Favorite To Make


I love to make pins - but in my heart DIY will always be number 1. So I really love hand-painting all of the backing cards for my Homesick pins. They are all unique and no two are alike! I watercolor them in batches, and as I get low on backing cards, I'll spend some time painting a bunch more at once. So there may be themes that show up every so often, or changes in shape of the "galaxies" I'm painting! 


5. Photography


I've always taken my product photos wherever I can - usually just around my house or work, or outside when I find some good lighting with my phone. My boyfriend recently got me a lightbox and LED lights so I can try to upgrade my photos- I need some more practice on where to place the lights, and my DSLR settings, but so far so good! Hoping to get some really good looking collections shots coming up! 


6. Workspace



7. Routine 

So I’ve missed 5 days of this #marchmeetthemaker thing so far 😂 proving that maybe I don’t have a great routine... currently I work a 7:30-3:30 M-F full time job. Most mornings involve me sleeping in until the last possible moment, taking Penny out, grabbing my stuff and driving to work. One thing I struggle with on a routine basis is taking my medication every morning. So I figured I’d use my handy @adamjk planner to motivate me to keep track. I drew the little pills on each day so I could color them as I take my meds. Something little but I already love the thought of filling it in each day. **Edit: since posting, I have quit my day job! 


Check back for week two! 

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