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Friendship Bracelet: CUSTOM

Friendship Bracelet: CUSTOM

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Custom Friendship Bracelet

Choose your own phrase or word - please note, the longer the phrase, the larger the bracelet. I think 3-4 words tops, depending on the length are idea. 15-20 letter beads max would be ideal. Please check photos for some examples! 
-Standard solid beads will be used between words to make them more legible

Bead options (Check photos for examples)

Round Alphabet beads: 
-White with rose gold letters
-White with gold letters
-White with black letters 
-Multi-color beads with gold letters
Round Numbers + Symbols:
0, 1-9, $, &, -, +
-White with gold
-White with black
Round w/ Solid hearts:
-White with gold
-White with black
-White with red

Specialty Beads (typically larger than the letter beads)
Iridescent Hearts:
Light Pink, Fuchsia, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Oil Slick
Iridescent Stars:
Clear, Green
Glass butterflies:
Clear, blue-ish, orange-ish, gold-ish (see photos)
Grapes (green, purple), Apples (red, green) 

Standard/filler Beads:
Black, white, teal, pink, purple, yellow, green, brown, red, blue

-Threaded on a durable, stretchy elastic cord. 
-Secure multi-knot to reduce risk of coming undone. I also do a mini stress-test to make sure it will not come untied from normal use.
-Please be mindful: it is an elastic beaded bracelet and still has potential to break at some point down the line, so please be careful with it! 

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