garage sale

Stuff I'm unloading from my person collection! Not trying to make a huge profit or anything, but offer these items to folks that may get better use of them than I do! (I have way too much stuff that I collect and way too little space! No slights to anyone whose items end up here. I love you and I just need to downsize. 

If you have any questions about the garage sale items, please feel free to email me.


Whitney is a West Indy based artist and the lady behind Lil Boat Boutique. She's a life-long crafter and creator, and started @LilBoatBoutique in 2016.

She makes a variety of items like enamel pins, patches, stickers and prints of her original art. She works from home with her tortoiseshell cat Zeebee (who is the real boss)

Whitney’s favorite things right now are being able to sell at in-person markets again, advancing her screen printing “skills” and helping small businesses + bands get their own pins made!

Lil Boat Boutique is a fun brand that looks to bring you relatable pins, paper goods and more!