Shipping to UK: Currently Paused HERE but still working on etsy (and more info!)

Hey there!

With the Brexit changes to shipping from outside of the UK *to* the UK, things are kind of a mess! There's been very little CLEAR information provided about how to properly handle these new restrictions. 

While this is my main, and preferred, shop, I will be removing shipping to the UK at this time. HOWEVER, since Etsy is a marketplace, they are required to handle the VAT changes for Brexit on behalf of the sellers. So this will make things much easier to do properly. 

I am still working super hard to understand how to best set it up here on Shopify, but please if you would like to order in the UK, head here to my Etsy shop. Sometimes I can ship items for cheaper than etsy charges for shipping, so I will make sure to refund any overage on that part of your purchase.

Have any questions?  Please send me an email: 

You can also read more about the changes on the official statement page. 

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