SECONDS SALE PIN - Damn Fine Black Variant Pin

SECONDS SALE PIN - Damn Fine Black Variant Pin

Lil Boat Boutique

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Due to volume of orders, Seconds Sale pins may take up to 5-7 business days to ship. They likely will ship much earlier, but this just gives me wiggle room if they get backed up. Please check the site banner for any possible shipping delay updates.

A Seconds Sale, or "flawed" version of the Damn Fine (Black) pin set. Flaws can range from tiny scratches and dents, to low or missing enamel fill, slight tarnishing on metal, enamel colors in the wrong places, etc. These are all still functional and wearable pins, just ones I don't feel comfortable selling at full price. 

Seconds pins can come on scrap paper, attached to a business card, or sometimes just in a baggy. They will not be on the official backing cards. They will still be shipped in a protective bubble mailer.

Damn Fine - Black and Red SECONDS quality pin set

Left piece reads DAMN and right side reads FINE. Split heart style is reminiscent of classic Best-Friend necklaces. The Black/Red/White has more of a classic Twin Peaks style vibe.

1.25" Soft Enamel Pins
Black Dye Metal Plating
Filled with red enamel
Both halves of the heart are posted on their own and will come with a RED rubber backing. 

    Illustration and design created by Whitney Bennett // Lil Boat Boutique in 2016-2019 ©
    Writing on the pin is my hand-writing, not a font.

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