SECONDS SALE PIN - I Ain't Sorry Gold Pin

SECONDS SALE PIN - I Ain't Sorry Gold Pin

Lil Boat Boutique

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A Seconds Sale, or "flawed" pin. Flaws can range from tiny scratches and dents, to low or missing enamel fill, slight tarnishing on metal, enamel colors in the wrong places, etc. These are all still functional and wearable pins, just ones I don't feel comfortable selling at full price. 

Seconds pins can come on scrap paper, attached to a business card, or sometimes just in a baggy. They will not be on the official backing cards. They will still be shipped in a protective bubble mailer.

"I Ain't Sorry"

  • Soft enamel pin with gold metal plating.
  • Black enamel fill.
  • 1.5" wide
  • Double-posted with black rubber clutches.