White Feminism Ruins The Party Again - Vinyl Sticker - Designed by Caitlin Ann

Caitlin Ann

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White Feminism Ruins The Party Again designed by Caitlin Ann

Intersectional Feminism, or GTFO.

White feminism isn't feminism. Let it be known!
White feminism is "feminism that is centered on white women, and ignores the struggles of women of color, trans women, and other marginalized people. Oftentimes, white women do things in thke name of feminism that are actively harmful and oppressive to WOC.

Read more: What is Toxic White Feminism By Rachel Elizabeth Cargyle for Harpers Bazaar

50% of each sold will be donated to Sister's Song

This is a very durable, weatherproof vinyl sticker.
3" round - black and white 

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