Ope - Mini Moods Vol. 2 - Enamel Pin - Two Variants

Ope - Mini Moods Vol. 2 - Enamel Pin - Two Variants

Lil Boat Boutique

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Ope - Enamel Pin 
Mini Moods Vol 2 


1.30" Wide
Double Posted on the back with rubber backings
Back-Stamped with Lil Boat Boutique logo 

Option 1: 
Hard Enamel - Gold Metal

Option 2: 
Soft Enamel - Blue Dyed Metal

Option 3: 
Soft Enamel - Light Blue Dyed Metal CHICAGO FLAG EDITION

Option 4:
You get all three options! 

Backing Options
You can add on locking pin backs through the drop-down menu, or choose "rubber backings" for the standard option. If you add-on Locking backs, you will still receive the original rubber backings on the pin. The locking backs will be separate in a small baggy. 


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