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My website is currently closed for maintenance and to catch-up on my made-to-order Stranger Things drop! Looking for an update on your order? Previous order folks: Thanks so much for your patience and understanding with your order! The Stranger Things drop turned out to be a MUCH bigger undertaking than expected - and therefore is taking a bit longer to produce each item! Each of the pins, necklaces, decals, and keychains are all handmade by me! And, as listed on the product pages at the time of launch, were all made to order. Production was set to begin the Saturday at the end of the week everything launched. Items are being made and sent out in batches, in the order in which they were received. I also am using a laser cutter that does not personally belong to me, which cuts down on my access time. Anyway, all this to say - thank you so much for your patience while I try to get caught up! I promise I'm working as fast as I can to get these all sent out. In the future, I'll be releasing pre-made items to minimize turn-around time. If you have any questions beyond this, please let me know - that being said, you should receive direct updates asap! -Patreon-only access is still available. Log-in and check my Patron-only posts for the password, as well as the August patron discount codes! -Those who signed up for restock notifications on my "Stranger Things Drop" page will get the password to the site one hour before the launch for early access! (Now closed) -Want to join my Patreon and get early access to new launches? Head to to check it out :) -Feel free to email me: with any questions. -Follow me on instagram for real time updates: @lilboatboutique

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