Pre-Order - Indiana Peony - State Flower - Hard Enamel Pin

Pre-Order - Indiana Peony - State Flower - Hard Enamel Pin

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Hi! This is a pre-order for the Indiana pin - I have already ordered and paid for the stock and they're in production now. While I can't *guarantee* Holiday arrival if you order them as a gift, I'm pretty confident they will get to me in time. I'd like to predict a 12/15 ship date - just again, no guarantees. And please know that I cannot offer returns or refunds on these for delays or change of mind. If the pins are significantly delayed and I need to offer a refund, I will reach out to you. You are also receiving a discounted price when you pre-order the pin. 

Indiana Peony

  • 1.5" tall Hard Enamel Pin 
  • Gold plating with navy, pink and green enamel fill
  • Double Posted with pink rubber backings to keep the pin secure  (You can upgrade rubber heart backers or locking pin backs while checking out)
  • Back-stamped with my logo.

*Sticker Add-On*
You will have the option to add a 3" vinyl sticker of the same design to your order, in the drop-down menu. These stickers are weatherproof, super durable and gorgeous! If you don't want one, choose the "no sticker" option.

*Pin Backs*
Same as the option for adding on a sticker, you can add-on locking pin backs to your pin, via the drop down menu. If you do not want locking pin backs *in addition to the included rubber backings* choose "rubber backings* - if you would like to add-on a pair of metal locking backs, please choose that option :) 

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