Penny Love (vet stuff)

Penny Love (vet stuff)

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I had these stickers made of Penny and ZeeBee earlier in the year but haven’t done much with them besides posting them in a tip option on my Popshop live. 

Screenprinted on various color vinyl by Rx Skulls in their RX Gang Run

I asked on my Instagram if anyone would be interested in Penny merch and got a lot of positive responses. She’s currently been going through a lot of pricey vet and dermatologist visits and most recently a biopsy. We don’t know what treatment may be needed but the bills are already quite high. 

Basically, lemme know if you want a Penny or ZeeBee sticker (or both). Regardless of $$ amount I’ll include one sticker. If you want more leave a note and I’ll see what I can do! It was a limited run and I want to make sure more people can get one! 

Colors are randomly chosen, but again leave a note with requests and I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks so much. You can also just donate directly via my venmo if that’s something you’d prefer but no worries if you just want a $1 sticker!  
Venmo: @whitneyjbennett