Learn & Grown v 2.0 - Screenprinting learner print - PATREON REWARD EXTRA

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This is an 8x8" three-color screenprint, handmade by me!! This was my second ever screenprint project. I decided when I first took my class I would evolve a design as I continued to learn and test my screenprint skills! 

-This is an edition of 41, with most going to my March 2021 Patrons. So these are limited extras!
-Yellow, green and black screenprint ink. Signed and numbered in pencil on the back of the print.
-Most of the prints were done on a luxe cream, textured paper stock and cut down to 8" square. Easy to frame, or display using Washi tape, magnet, etc. 
-I do continue to evolve this design some more, and v 3.0. may be similar in design to this one, but colors will vary as well as line-work and skill. So this is a true limited version. 
-Stay tuned for v 3.0 if you want to continue to collect these pieces! By purchasing my learners, you're helping fund my education and practice in this medium! I hope once I feel comfortable with flatstock printing (paper, vinyl, etc) I'll get some education around textile and be able to start printing my own totes, shirts, bandanas, pennants, etc! 

May 2021 Patreon reward will also be screen printed, however, it will not be a continuation of this print, if you're interested in receiving it!! Click here to check out my Patreon page info and all the tiers offered. 


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