Mystery Seconds - TWO pack- Randomly Chosen

Mystery Seconds - TWO pack- Randomly Chosen

Lil Boat Boutique

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**TWO randomly chosen seconds quality pins in a pack, sent to you with love! No requests will be honored for specific pins, sorry. No return/exchanges. Roll the dice and see what you get! 

**Example photo does does not reflect what every package may or will contain! Or even what the bags may look like! **

You may get any of my currently available designs in this pack! 

Details: Imperfections range from small bubble in the enamel, slight finger print dried in the enamel, slight scratches or small overlap of enamel on the metal plating, small scratches, etc. A couple of the Homesick pins are missing some of the stars due to extra enamel, or the metal plating has slight grooves in it from being smoothed down.

Please note that all seconds pins will come backed on a Lil Boat Boutique card and not the decorative backings that a perfect pins would come on. I would not sell you something that I didn't think was still a quality product. These guys just aren't perfect and are priced as such! Perfect for people who wear their pin collections on jackets or bags!

If you'd like a "perfect" pin, please check out my main listings: