"Stay Safe" Risograph Print - Limited Run TEST Pressing. Limited to 11 pieces.

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This is the Stay Safe Risograph print made in my class with @OutletPDX! I received a small run of the prints on various colors and textures of paper. You will receive a RANDOM selection from these. I've included some examples of paper color in the photos. 

I have released another round of these prints, but with updated artwork (slight updates, including the removal of the "keep fighting" aspect) - so these are super limited and won't be printed the same again! Also there' a good chance that whatever color paper you get will never be used in future printings! 

These are also priced lower than the new/full run of prints!

8"x8" Square print for easy framing.
Will be shipped in a cello sleeve, backed on cardboard or chipboard, sent in a sturdy rigid mailer for protection while shipping.
Signed and numbered out of 11 (but only 10 listed since I'm keeping one for myself)

Two color Risograph print printed via Outlet PDX. For more information on what risograph printing, head here!  
Color used are Fluorescent Pink and Teal. 


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