Any purchases 1/24 through the weekend will begin shipping on Tuesday 1/28

Updates! 8/21

Hey y'all! 

Just wanted to drop a couple updates on you. I'm currently still out of state, which means I'm still on a shipping delay.

I get back home early AM on Friday, so once I'm up and at it on Friday, I'll begin packing up your orders! I'll have all orders out/to the post office on Saturday. 

On Friday at 8pm EST I will be listing the remaining California Sunset pins on my site. Just an FYI that these are super limited! I'm hoping to get a final count when I get home on Friday, but I'm guessing there are less than 10. I'll also list the seconds versions at the same time, incase anyone prefers those for a discounted price! 

I'll list the remaining limited I Love You 3000 glitter pins on the site at the same time, and launch my state pin + patch + sticker bundles, too. 

I'm hoping to finish up the next round of state pins and get those up for pre-order ASAP. Same with my halloween pins for the year :) 

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or order issues, please send me an email to: and keep up to date with me on instagram at @lilboatboutique 

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