Trade Post: PinxTizzle (Pet Sematary, Simpsons and Horror, oh my!)

TRADE POST! (This was supposed to post like 2 months ago 🤷🏼‍♀️ OOPS)

I try to post them all to my instagram, but I'm going to start blogging my trades on my site as well! Sometimes people end up on my site looking for the pins that I post, so hopefully this will guide y'all in the right direction! If you don't know, trades are when you do a swap with someone, usually it's pins for pins! But I've also traded weavings and vintage items in the past.

My most recent trade was with PinxTizzle. His horror arcana series with Your Mom Ate My Dog is classic, and super limited! Make sure to follow them to see the next in the series! 

In this trade, I got the Rory Calhouns (Simpsons) Pin, Church (Pet Sematary) pin and the Justice (Friday the 13th) Horror Arcana pin! Attached some close up shots, including the backing cards because they're just so good!

Huge thanks to my buddy Todd from PinxTizzle for the trade; make sure to check his shop + instagram out!

Instagram: @pinxtizzle 

Thanks for looking! (In stock pins will link through the photos)

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