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Creator's Club Kickstarter - Less than 48 hours left!

Hey y'all! I'm part of a kickstarter with six other makers, and we have less than 48 hours left in our campaign!

The project is called Creator's Club and is all based around art/makers/creating. We are already funded, but it's a great opportunity to get each of the pins at a discounted price!

I'll also be sending a bunch of extras like stickers, postcards and buttons (and if we double our goal, a patch!) with each pledge for my Art Is Hard pin (I'm Lil Boat Boutique) Each maker is sending out their own pins, and each will choose if they send any extras/what they are, FYI.

I'll link to each of the makers' instagrams at the end of the post! but here's the link for the campaign. Check out the photos below for each of the designs!

Creator's Club Kickstarter


Check out the participating makers!

A Fink & Ink 

Cat Party Design Co  

Doo Stuff 

Jini & Tonic 

Lil Boat Boutique 

Sokay Designs 





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